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Getting to know Star Stride Talent Recruiter, Andrea Williams


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What I appreciate so much about Andrea is that she is nonstop energy.  She loves the search business.  It’s in her bones.  She is driven to help organizations and knows how to take the bull by the horns.  She doesn’t wait for people to tell her what to do.  She goes for it.  So rather than just have me and our clients know Andrea, I wanted to share a bit about her with you

Here are a 6 question interview where you will learn more about Andrea Williams and why she is such a great contributor to Stride Talent.

Andrea’s Interview

  1. When did you start recruiting?
    I started my career as a recruiting coordinator supporting the business technology and engineering departments at Digitas. I quickly moved on to contingency staffing at the height of the dot-com era.  I have been recruiting for over a decade.
  2. What do you like about it?
    I am a people person and serial networker. I have always enjoyed connecting people to others on a personal and professional level.  What I love about search is that I get to do what I would do naturally, which is connect with people and learn about them.
  3. What makes you successful at your work?
    I am working 100% within my genius zone.  I am a true headhunter that works strategically to find the ideal candidate.
  4. Why is Stride a great place to do recruiting work?
    Stride is fun, forward thinking and values my energy and contributions.
  5. Why do you like time-based recruiting?
    I love the time-based recruiting model since I act as an extension of my client’s recruiting team and work with them collaboratively to fill their position(s).  It is more strategic than contingency or retained search that is paid on a percentage of first year salary.  We function as a strategic member of the team.
  6. What advice do you have for companies considering engaging a recruiter?
    Select a recruiting partner/recruiter that is not only an expert in your industry but one that takes the time to understand your business needs, mission and value propositions.  You will be more successful with a recruiter who starts with your “why” first.

Thanks Andrea for sharing a bit of yourself with the community today!


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