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Episode 3: How to Use a Fractional CFO to Manage in a Downturn with Bob Worthington, San Francisco Practice Leader, Hardesty

In this chat... Bob Worthington throws down some helpful CFO guidance for companies managing during the Covid-19 scare. Learn how to cut "to the bone" but not "through the bone" of your business so that you can recover with the right people and partners in place. Hardesty provides fractional c-suite leadership with one of the largest CFO networks in the country. You don't want to miss Bob on this episode of Stride 2 Freedom.

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Episode 2: Navigating HR During Covid-19 with Julie Chendes, Next Level Strategies

In this chat...  Julie Chendes of Next Level Strategies talks HR strategy in the face of the Coronavirus. She shares how companies can respond in the face of the Covid-19 lockdown. We talk about creative ways to avoid strict layoffs as well as how companies can adapt to working from home. Hear how companies can navigate in tough times in this episode of Stride 2 Freedom.

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