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Business Forward Faster Series: 4th Quarter Sales


BFF1 Sales

I am excited to welcome everyone to the Business Forward Faster Series, an effort by Stride to bring experts to the table who can help business owners move their business forward faster.  Today, we have Nitya Kirat with us.  Nitya is the founder of YOSD (Your Outsourced Sales Director) who is here to talk about how to maximize selling in the 4th quarter.  While Nitya’s advice is relevant for many industries, he focuses here on service firms with an emphasis on marketing agencies and consultancies.

He really emphasizes customer-centricity, which is getting into the heads of your customer’s needs vs. just driving to close that end of year sale.  Customer-centricity is about not being afraid to ask the hard qualifying questions so you can actually help the prospect.   Nitya also talks about sales teams getting clear on how to measure success.  Of course we all want sales but it is the detailed actions we need to take in order to increase the potential for sales.  These actions are what should be encouraged, measured and consistently improved.  Enjoy.

The Stride Business Forward Faster Series is an initiative to bring experts to our clients and viewers around a variety of business topics that move them closer to achieving financial freedom.  

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