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Stride VHO: Tax Reform and the Impact on your Business Bottom Line

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What a day!  I was so excited to have Scott Hoppe, Founder of Why Blu, on our first Virtual Office Hours to talk Trump Tax Reform and the impact on a Businesses Bottom Line.  You can learn a bit more about our office hours here (www.stride.service/voh-landing).

As you know, Stride is in the business of helping owners achieve financial freedom.  We believe it is our responsibility to bring topics to you that will help you do just that. Yes, we think we’re doing a great job at providing outsourced bookkeeping/accounting and HR services to our clients but we know that is only a part of helping you move your business forward faster.

We launched the virtual office hours series today because we put out a survey and received overwhelming response from owners that they want to hear about the impact the Trump tax reform on their business.   So we went to one of our partners and one of the most innovative CPA tax firms that we know, Why Blu.  Scott Hoppe and his team deliver tax guidance, advice and prepare returns for hundreds of businesses.  He knows his stuff and is here for you.

My #1 Key Takeaway for Professional Service Businesses is that if your business makes more than $150,000 per year in net income, you should seriously consider becoming an S-Corp (vs. a single member LLC)!

Watch our first video to learn more.  You can also reach Scott at scott@whyblu.com and find them at www.whyblu.com.  What I like about Why Blu is that they are 100% virtual – no paperwork!

Here is the presentation Scott reviewed.


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