Waterfall Forecasting-

The Easiest Way to Measure Your Businesses Future

The problem today is, many business owners don’t track their financial performance to a plan and if they do, they aren’t updating the plan based on new information. Why?  Because it’s cumbersome and unless you’re into dialing in the data on spreadsheets, an effort like this falls outside of most business owners’ genius zones.  

Waterfall forecasting is a very simple and transparent way to measure your progress against a plan and easily update the rest of the year based on new information.  In a single view, you can see when you re-forecasted and how well you are performing against that expectation.  And the cool thing?  You can build waterfalls for all of your important line items, from revenue to gross margin to labor.  

When you successfully implement waterfall forecasting in your agency, you will have a powerful tool to make better business decisions.  Freedom for the business owner is having data to make smart decisions.  Now you can.  

This Free Download Will Provide Insight On:

  1. The benefits of waterfall forecasting
  2. How to set up a waterfall forecast and maintain it
  3. Various ways you can apply it for metrics you want to measure

Out of This Download, I Want You to Be Thinking About:

  1. What are the smarter questions I can ask when I have this information?
  2. How will the waterfall help me empower my team?
  3. What will I say “no” to so that we can say yes to more things to hit our goals?

About Stride:

Stride is an outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services firm founded by entrepreneurs to support high growth professional services firms. Our clients include marketing agencies, design firms, consulting firms, and other tech-enabled service providers ranging from $1 million to $10 million in revenue.

We’re committed to helping business owners with a thirst for continuous improvement achieve their highest and best use, whatever that may be.

As entrepreneurs, we know how important trust and confidence is in your back office.  Why?  So you can focus on achieving your highest and best us.  The opportunity for business owners is to work on their business and not in their business.  But if the back-office processes and systems aren’t delivering the information necessary to make better strategic decisions, owners find themselves drawn back into the fray.  At Stride, all of our energy is around team, process, and technology designed to improve cash flow and profit while allowing business owners to chart their future with confidence.

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Becky Brown

Becky Brown

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