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Behind the Scenes at Stride: How We Use Technology to Advance Accounting Services



As a business owner, you have lots of different responsibilities on your plate. Between operations, managing employees, bringing in revenue and overseeing accounting, there’s more to do than time to do it.

Relying on good team members to keep everything organized is crucial to running a successful business, but that can be a challenge. It’s not easy finding the right people with the necessary skills to set up good systems within your business.

We see this a lot in the area of accounting, which is why we started Stride in the first place!

Accounting has a lot of moving parts. It’s important to have solid systems in place to make sure things like accounts payable, accounts receivable and cash flow are monitored closely.

So how do we here at Stride manage your accounting process?

It’s a combination of amazing people and great tools to keep all our client’s books organized and our processes efficient and running like a well-oiled machine.

Here’s a look behind the curtain at the tools we use to keep us (and you!) organized.

1. Karbon 

We here at Stride rely heavily on Karbon!

Karbon is a practice management software that helps our teams stay organized. With multiple clients and hundreds of emails and tasks to address each day, it’s important for us to stay on top of communication and accounting tasks for each of our clients.

In Karbon, we create tasks for each client and assign a deadline to the task, so we don’t miss a beat.

Within each task, there is a checklist to help us stay efficient and consistent. Once those items are checked off, we move on to the next task.

With this system, there is little room for error or dropped balls!

Karbon also manages the flow of emails from Gmail. Emails go into a “Triage” and then our team members tag each email to a client and a task. This helps us avoid missing important emails.

We pride ourselves in communication and Karbon helps us stay on top of it all!

2. Bill.com

Bill.com is amazing tool that helps us keep our client’s accounts payable and receivable systems updated and accurate.

Accounts payable is often a major pain point for business owners. Staying on top of mounting invoices is challenging even for the most organized of businesses.

At Stride, we use Bill.com to help us manage our client’s invoices in a cloud-based environment, eliminating the need for paper invoices and paper checks. That’s a dream for us accounting people!

When invoices are emailed to us from clients and vendors, we simply forward them to the client’s Bill.com “inbox” where they await processing by our team member.

The client (you!) can then review and approve the invoices for payment. We take it from there.

Everything syncs into QuickBooks Online making it a seamless process for you and us!

3. QuickBooks Online

Speaking of QuickBooks Online, this is the master tool we use to manage your accounting system and produce financials.

QuickBooks Online is cloud-based, making it easy for your internal team, and our team, to see what’s happening in your financials in real time.

It plays nice with Bill.com and connects with almost every bank and credit card company, making it easy to track all your transactions without manual entry.

The Stride team keeps this information updated on a cadence that works for you, whether it’s daily or weekly.

No more waiting until the end of the month for surprise financials. Or wondering how much is in your bank account. Everything is there for you to review at your convenience.

What Does It All Mean for You?

When dealing with hundreds of clients, organization and efficiency are keys to the success of Stride and our clients!

Our goal is to not only take the painstaking function of accounting and HR off your plate, but to also manage it in a way that is transparent and organized for you, resulting in peace of mind and a solid foundation for your business success!

We are constantly analyzing our systems and online tools to assure that we are providing the best service to our clients.

Have questions about our process? Feel free to contact us.

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