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Gain Business Energy From Your Environment


Your business is about maximizing energy from your environment and turning it into money, resources (people, systems) and influence.  How you adapt to your market environment will determine whether you are gathering energy and momentum or you are fighting entropy  (energy drain).  In our pursuit to help businesses move forward faster at Stride, we like to have our clients demonstrate a firm grasp on their environment to increase the likelihood of success.

This worksheet below helps you assess the environment you are working within to understand where you may have “wind at your back” or where you’re struggling with that “brick wall.”

How it works:  For each of the 7 Environmental Factors below, rate them on a scale of +5 (Big Opportunity) to -5 (Big Threat) and then comment or document the underlying reason for it as you look out over the next 5 years.

Environmental Factors +5=Opp   -5=Threat Positive and Negative Trends Over the Next 5 Years
Industry Inertia

Once you have completed this, feel free to share it with me (russell.benaroya@stride.services).  If you are a CEO, a board member or an investor, understanding the environment can often be as important as the business itself.

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