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Streetlight Data: Building a Virtual Employment Board for Remote Employees

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Sweating the small stuff is a requirement when you are responsible for supporting HR administration and compliance for companies.  There is no challenge that we will back away from when it comes to the guidelines and procedures necessary to adhere to regulations.  Most business owners just “want it done” and we’ll take that charge.

We work with many clients that have a distributed workforce and many who work from home.  When this is the case, it is hard to distribute required materials in an efficient manner that also lends itself to frequent updates.  At Stride, we solved that problem with a Virtual Employment Board when Streetlight Data came to us with the problem.  Here is the detail.


Clients like Streetlight Data have employees that are spread throughout the country and have a difficult time disseminating information especially around federal, state and local employment requirements and regulations. They wanted to see if Stride could help them determine a process for easier dissemination that would allow for frequent updating and easier access.


For Streetlight and others, we created the concept of a “Virtual Employment Board” where we provide all the necessary postings as PDFs and then we create an “Employment Board” in their chat channels or on their company wide file server, to display all the notices. At the beginning of each year we send out updated PDFs for anything that has changed or been added.


The positive impact has been not only efficiency but also the peace of mind for Streetlight that they are achieving 100% employer posting compliance, with ease of access for employees (even for employees who work from home) and the elimination of the cost of ordering hard copy posters for each state, each year.


“What’s impressed me most about working with Stride has been their proactive approach to working with us. A previous provider was much more reactive and just did what they were hired to do but didn’t point out issues or make suggestions. They just did what was needed. Whereas Stride is extremely proactive and they point things out and help us grow.” – Matt Orfuss, VP Finance

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