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Jack Weinstein

Stride CFO Consulting Advisor
Based in San Francisco, California
Experienced As:

CFO Consultant,  Founding Partner, Vice President Finance & Investor Relations, Investment Banker, Manager, Strategy and Corporate Development


Expertise Includes:

" I appreciate a couple of things about Jack. First was his willingness to just "go for it". Second, was his desire to get feedback and learn so he can get even better. There is something so awesome about that thirst/desire for learning. It makes me appreciate the purpose of Stride. Nice job Jack. Keep pushing!"

Jack Weinstein has more than 15 years experience in corporate finance and investor relations. His experience includes serving as interim CFO for a private equity group with $3.5B AuM, building a bioscience start-up into a $100 million business, working through dozens of transactions with a prominent investment bank in California that has completed more than $10 billion in deals, managing corporate development for a billionaire-backed family office, and serving as a key part of the internal corporate strategy team at a Fortune 500. 

He is an expert in corporate architecture, corporate valuations, securing financing, building teams, and responsibly deploying capital.

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