Accounting Operations Manager

Background on Candace

Accounting Background: I have over 10 years of Accounting experience. I began my career in public accounting where I gained experience in a variety of industries. I later transitioned into private where I worked for mostly small to mid-size companies wearing multiple hats and learning all areas of the business in order to facilitate growth and streamline processes.

My Accounting Superpower:  My Accounting superpower is figuring out accounting transactions in order to understand the outcome we are trying to achieve. There are many times that we need to research transactions when we are taking over bookkeeping services in order to understand the transaction so we can clean it up and implement a better process going forward.

What is the Principle at Stride You Connect with the Most: Invest in Ourselves and Each Other. I love this principle because there is no I in team. We are only as good and effective as those around us and having an environment where you can be open enough to express your intentions, goals and feelings directly to those you work with ensures success and a positive atmosphere. It also provides the opportunity for each individual to find their genius zone, the zone in which we all excel. This enables you to find ways to work in a complementary manner that is beneficial for personal, team and client growth.

Where I Live: Southern New Jersey

Nickname: I don’t have one

Hobbies: I LOVE to cook. I also enjoy watching and playing sports, fitness and completing home improvement projects

Favorite Color: Aqua

Favorite Vacation Spot: Aruba

Stores I Like: William Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Lululemon

Why I Work at Stride: I truly love the team of people I work with, they are exceptional.