Senior Analyst

Background on Iuliia

Accounting Background:  I have been in the accounting profession for 4 years. My accounting background prior to joining Stride is public accounting in the transportation industry.

My Accounting Superpower:  I love combining accounting and technology. My superpower is identifying and implementing new automation processes to minimize chances of human error, streamline the processes, and provide visibility.

What is the Principle at Stride You Connect with the Most: I most connect with the principle of ‘Empowerment’. To me, empowerment is giving somebody tools and guidance to help them achieve their goals and aspirations. Empowerment also provides an opportunity to contribute or provide input in the dialog. I believe empowerment is a crucial principle because it helps employees to find and work in their genius zone, stay creative and prevent burn out. My goal is to provide clean books and be a thought partner to my clients so that they have the tools to make the best business decisions.

Where I Live:  I live in San Francisco, CA

Nickname:  Yulia

Undergraduate:  UC Berkeley

Hobbies: Hiking, art, traveling, snowboarding, surfing, crossfit, reading (topics: economics, business, game theory, Stephen King and Dan Brown), languages, biking

Favorite Color: Beige, brown, and maroon

Favorite Stores:  Target, Uniqlo, Crate&Barrel

Favorite Vacation Spot: South Lake Tahoe

Why I Work at Stride:  I enjoy working with multiple clients and expanding my knowledge of different industries. Stride has a fantastic team, and I always feel supported and empowered!