Megan Madrigal
Accounting Lead

Background on Megan

Accounting Background: I have been in the accounting profession since I graduated from college back in 2013. The majority of my accounting background prior to joining Stride is in the construction and banking industries.

My Accounting Superpower: Analyzing! Both my favorite and sometimes least favorite part of being an accountant is having an issue, being able to dive into the books, and discovering the basis of the issue and hopefully, how to resolve it and prohibit it from happening again in the future.

What is the Principle at Stride You Connect with the Most: Get and Stay in Sync! Throughout my career I have learned how crucially important this is! Although we sometimes need to be reminded of this principle, I know that it is so important to have open lines of communication to ensure that all parties involved are in sync. Following this principle makes life so much easier and less stressful for everyone.

Where I Live: Fresno, CA

Nickname: My closest family and friends call me Meg

Hobbies: Doing anything outside when the weather is nice! My husband and I enjoy golfing together, going on hikes, or taking our pups to dog beach! If only it could be sunny & 75 degrees every day of the year!

Favorite Color: Does black count? If you look in my closet you see almost all black, white, and gray

Favorite Vacation Spot: HAWAII! But more realistically- Carmel, CA

Stores I Like: Target & Amazon- what more could you need

Why I Work at Stride: I love being able to work with multiple clients in various industries! I also love our team here at Stride. Everyone is amazing to work with and it is great working for a company who truly values their employees.