Accountant Lead

Background on Harlene

Accounting Background:  I’ve been working in the accounting industry for eight years now. I am working as an Accounting Team Lead in a local retail company before Stride. I perform a variety of accounting functions in operations. My primary role was the end-to-end Accounts Payable process, reviewing and auditing all accounts payable before releasing payments. Monitor checks with the bank’s involvement to confirm any questionable withdrawals. Ensure transactions were posted to correct statements and that all charges are balanced. I report daily operations status and daily sales to the Finance and Accounting Manager and assist in preparing month-end closings and accompanying financial reports. I was assigned to do the training of my colleagues if needed. I am also participating in our suppliers’ audits in different places in the Philippines.

My Accounting Superpower:  General Ledger Reconciliation involving professional-level reconciliation of complex accounting transactions and ensuring the cash amounts in the ledgers are reconciled with the accounting system, bank statements, reports, and accounts.

What is the Principle at Stride You Connect with the Most: Trust in Radical Truth and Radical Transparency – This encourages openness, increases collaboration and connection, and projects honesty and trust to another.

Where I Live: Manila, Philippines

Nickname:  Har

Hobbies: Outdoor activities, Travel and Cooking

Favorite Color: Nude Pink, Black

Favorite Vacation Spot: Beaches

Stores I Like: Bershka, Adidas, Estee Lauder, Tim Hortons

Why I Work at Stride: Stride is an ideal company for me. I am proud to say that we have Stride Principles and positive values, which lead us to compassion, respect, and understanding. Strong and positive leadership that builds solid relationships and provides open communication with their employees. They motivate their team and hold everyone to high standards of responsibility and accountability. With a good atmosphere and splendid culture, we feel appreciated, acknowledged, and rewarded.