Payroll Manager

Background on Haydee

Payroll Background:  Experienced HR/Payroll professional for North America Region on wage payroll compliance and regulatory requirements. An experienced Payroll Lead with a demonstrated history of working in a shared-services, outsourcing and offshoring industry (more than 12 years). A Certified Payroll Professional (FPC, CPP) by American Payroll Association.

My Payroll Superpower:  My ability to recognize taxable from non-taxable wage! A perspective, the right mindset, a way of working that will lead to enhance processes and figuring out the abilities of each team member where I belong and develop those skills to the benefit of our team.

What is the Principle at Stride You Connect with the Most: Embrace Reality and Deal With It – I have learned both personal and work that there is nothing more important than understanding reality and learning how to deal with it. Life starts by acknowledging reality.

Where I Live: Manila, Philippines

Nickname:  Hydz

Hobbies: Watching Netflix as my contribution in saving the world! :))

Favorite Color: Earth Tone

Favorite Vacation Spot: Beach (Borocay, Philippines)

Stores I Like: I’ve been there twice last November 2019 – it like heaven to me! (Landers Superstore is my favorite here in the PH)

Why I Work at Stride: Stride knows how to engaged with their employees. Accounting and Payroll are tough jobs but we are producing better work (result) because Stride was able to create great environment/ relationship among team members and the management. Stride live by its Principles.