Marketer Roundtable
Client Management Pitfalls

The Hard Truths of Running the Agency as a Business

You’ve built an agency, but that’s different than building a sustainable business to withstand the rollercoaster of our economic environment.  How do you run a successful marketing business? It’s time to step away from execution and focus on your business.

Join us at this monthly, high impact series that addresses the pitfalls, traps, tools, and tricks marketers run into every day! We are an inclusive and supportive community of marketing professionals helping each other take on the unique challenges of this ever-evolving industry. Anticipate to refine business skills, overcome professional challenges, and develop as a leader for your business. 

There is no other place designed to assemble marketing agency leaders like the Marketer Roundtable.  Join us as we navigate the Hard Truths together.

October 27, 2020 @ 9 AM PT/ 11AM CT


October’s Topic: Client Management Pitfalls 

Personalities, expectations, scope creep, let’s talk about it! Clients are a double-edged sword, they give us money, but man can they be difficult. Let’s have a candid discussion of how we can delicately balance expectations, feedback, and find good fit clients. 

  • Dish about your challenging clients and get inspiration on how to navigate these situations. 
  • Have you ever fired a client? 
  • How many rounds is too many?
  • Is the client always right? 
  • Who does the account management on your team? 

Presented by:

Russell Benaroya, Co-founder and Partner, Stride Services
Megan Robinson, Co-founder, E Leader Experience

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No matter what your marketing flavor of choice, we have so much in common. Whether you have a video production house, a social media agency, website development company, consult on strategy, or have any other creative communication channel, we are all working through the same business challenges. The wisdom of the group will yield new insights and inspiration to take back to your business. This is the place to connect and work through the business challenges we all face. 


Who should attend?   

Small to mid-market agency owners with a desire to grow the business.  Agency is broad.  It could include social media, website development, video production, strategic consulting, or PR.

Why come? 

  • Learn from experts to get the ball rolling for discussion 
  • Get support, ideas and help from others in the industry. 
  • Network with professionals in your field.
  • Share your experience with the marketing community. You never know who can learn from your experience. 

What are some tips for success?

  • Arrive on time to get the most out of the event and honor your fellow attendees.
  • Participate! Conversations are only valuable to the extent that attendees involve themselves in the process of presenting and solving challenges.
  • Invite fellow marketing professionals to register and attend the upcoming event!

If there are some specific topics that you would be interested in for future roundtables, please share them here.

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