Client Success Manager

Background on Meg

Accounting Background:  Prior to joining Stride, I worked in accounting for 6 years. I began my career in public accounting where I served clients across a range of industries and services, specializing in audit services for nonprofits, manufacturing & distribution companies, and employee benefit plans. After leaving public accounting, I worked in Global Clinical Research, Manufacturing & Distribution and Publishing.

My Accounting Superpower:  Concise communication. I love to distill complex topics and ideas into easily digestible language. I have a passion for understanding the big picture, tackling issues and problems and communicating information through creative methods like story telling, visuals, metaphors, analogies, and technology.

What is the Principle at Stride You Connect with the Most: Make and Honor Your Commitments – I believe that honoring our commitments strengthens our character. When we set high standards for ourselves, we raise the bar for everyone we interact with.

Where I Live: Covington, KY

Nickname:  Meg

Hobbies: Traveling, soccer, running, reading, music, cooking

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Vacation Spot: London

Stores I Like: Costco!

Why I Work at Stride: The people! At Stride I am surrounded by a group of wickedly smart and highly motivated individuals who are constantly challenging the status quo and empowering each other to be the best version of themselves for themselves, for the firm and for our clients.