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Podcast: Navigating HR During Covid-19 with Julie Chendes of Next Level Strategies



For this weeks episode of Stride 2 Freedom, I reached out to Julie Chendes from Next Level Strategies in a panic. “Julie, I need you on this podcast to talk HR given the uncertainty with Covid. People are freaking out!” Julie was amazing and happy to get on the interview to share some insight that was super timely. Julie is a pro and even in a time of seeming chaos, she is calm and collected.

We may know back-office bookkeeping/accounting, but it takes a village to build and run a business. Julie was the right guest at the right time.

What I really appreciated about the call was the many ways companies can be strategic about “reducing their payroll costs” without doing heavy-handed layoffs. I also appreciated that in all of this, Julie sees that forcing a work from home culture could (and likely will) have a benefit for quality of life…eventually.


In this Freedom Speaker Series episode with Julie Chendes, you will learn:


  • Alternatives to layoffs to reduce payroll costs
  • Where does mental health fall into this equation?
  • Setting up Working from Home (WFH) policies
  • Broader HR policies to be aware of given legislation

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We are so grateful to have Julie on the call and have a backlog of upcoming events that will hit on the topics we know you care about. You can also click here and let us know a speaker you think we should interview.

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