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Episode 1:
Talking HR and PEO's with Scott Tithof, Sequoia Consulting Group

In this chat…  Scott Tithof of Sequoia Consulting Group talks about payroll, benefits and the power of the Professional Employment Organization (PEO). Sequoia focuses on taking a lot of back-office HR challenges off the plates of its clients so they can focus on growth and profitability. Hear how they do it on this latest episode of Stride 2 Freedom.
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Episode 2:
Navigating HR During Covid-19 with Julie Chendes, Next Level Strategies

In this chat…  Julie Chendes of Next Level Strategies talks HR strategy in the face of the Coronavirus. She shares how companies can respond in the face of the Covid-19 lockdown. We talk about creative ways to avoid strict layoffs as well as how companies can adapt to working from home. Hear how companies can navigate in tough times in this episode of Stride 2 Freedom.
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Episode 3:
How to Use a Fractional CFO to Manage in a Downturn with Bob Worthington, San Francisco Practice Leader, Hardesty

In this chat… Bob Worthington throws down some helpful CFO guidance for companies managing during the Covid-19 scare. Learn how to cut “to the bone” but not “through the bone” of your business so that you can recover with the right people and partners in place. Hardesty provides fractional c-suite leadership with one of the largest CFO networks in the country. You don’t want to miss Bob on this episode of Stride 2 Freedom.
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Episode 4:
Top Sales Strategies to Manage in a Downturn with Beatrice Stonebanks, Stonebanks Sales Management

In this chat… Beatrice Stonebanks, a professional sales management consultant, talks about the 5 ways to increase revenue which is still relevant in the face of economic uncertainty. While many companies are appropriately focused on expense reduction, finding creative ways to drive growth is important. Hear how everyone in your company can be a sales professional on this episode of Stride 2 Freedom.
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Episode 5:
Legal Considerations for Business Owners During Covid-19 with Michelle Bomberger, Equinox Business Law

In this chat… Michelle Bomberger of Equinox Business Law talks about legal considerations for business owners in the face of Covid-19 and a downturn, how to think about breaching contracts, as well as workplace issues, as two of the biggest considerations that demand some legal perspective. She shares information on Equinox’s innovative business model and how they are not only general counsel to high growth companies but a strategic sounding board as well. Hear how companies are drawing on legal guidance to protect themselves as they think through the important strategic decisions for their business in this episode of Stride 2 Freedom.
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Episode 6:
Start-up Navigation During The Coronavirus Lockdown with Reuben Ortega, Partner, Socius Law Group

In this chat… Reuben Ortega of Socius Law Group talks with us about how start-ups are navigating landlord conversations, investor negotiations, and employee layoffs. He shares some advice for entrepreneurs to get down to the “essential” team and preserve cash. We also talk about some bright spots out there (which there are!) in this episode of Stride 2 Freedom.
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Episode 7:
Alternative Forms of Financing with Nabil Istafanous, SVP, Celtic Capital

In this chat… Nabil Istafanous of Celtic Capital talks with us about avenues for non-traditional bank financing. We’re all pretty focused on SBA lending right now but there are other instruments for companies that aren’t “clean as a whistle” to traditional banks. We learn about ABL (Asset Based Lending) and the types of companies that are appropriate for this type of financing. Nabil isn’t your traditional lender; he talks about a wide range of alternatives, creativity is important in times of uncertainty, and how a company is financed is no exception.
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Episode 8:
Why Strategic B2B Social Media Matters Now with Josh Dirks, Founder, Project Bionic

In this chat… Social media veteran Josh Dirks, Founder of Project Bionic talks about the importance of social media in an overall marketing strategy. He discusses how environments with emotional connection matter more than ever (as in…RIGHT NOW) and targeted social media practices can deliver relationship-building results. And YES, this all ties back to conversions and revenue which I know you all care about! Project Bionic provides a full social media team for the fraction of the cost of in-house marketing overhead. Listen to how Josh thinks about social media for small to mid-sized businesses like yours and how you can take action to strategically build this pillar of your marketing plan, even during COVID.
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Episode 9:
PR and Marketing Communications Drive Thought Leadership and Lead Generation with Bryan Scanlon, Founder, Look Left Marketing

In this chat… We are lucky to have Bryan Scanlon, Founder of Look Left Marketing, talk about the importance of content marketing and PR communications to drive both thought leadership and lead generation for B2B companies. What I really enjoyed learning from Bryan is his company’s (i) focus on industry segmenting and (ii) discipline to stay very committed to content and communications marketing vs. being all things to all people. Bryan is a student of the game and has navigated his clients through many downturns. Why is he successful? “Just call our customers,” he says. We talk a bit about crisis communication as well, a timely topic for this environment. Check it out and enjoy.
Blog post here.

Episode 10:
How Business Owners Will Manage IT for a Remote Workforce, Michael Price, Founder, MPA Networks

In this chat… We are fortunate to have Michael Price, Founder of MPA Networks, talk about how remote workforces are changing the game for IT service management. The tools, administration, and governance required will be intense but it will also open up a future of work in ways we couldn’t have imagined before COVID-19. As owner of MPA for 37 years with loyal clients of 25+ years, Michael is a trusted tech advisor and I’m so glad he came on the episode today to share his wisdom with us. Check it out and enjoy.
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Episode 11:
Managing Your Most Important Investment with Carey Ransom, President, OC4 Ventures

In this chat… We are fortunate to have Carey Ransom, President of OC4 Ventures, talk with us about his many years of experience supporting start-ups as an investor, board member, advisor, and operator. He is a passionate advocate for keeping founders focused on the necessary and urgent while providing capital and services to help in other areas. We talk about how CEO’s can think about their business as an owner vs. an operator and take a critical eye (“Would I hire myself as the CEO?”). Lots of provocative thinking from this seasoned entrepreneur!
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Episode 12:
Using Behavioral Science to Drive Successful Marketing with Shirin Oreizy, Founder and CEO, Next Step Marketing

In this chat… I feel so lucky to speak with my dear friend, Shirin Oreizy, Founder and CEO of Next Step Marketing, an award-winning behavioral science-based marketing agency. What I love about Shirin is that she always comes from a place of data and science when talking marketing rather than just emotion and intuition. That must be her engineering background at work! We talk about key marketing strategies for businesses during COVID as well as how she has continued building her firm for the last 16+ years. You’ll walk away with immediate actions you can execute now!
Check out the blog post here.

Episode 13:
The Role of a Financial Advisor for Business Owners with Kelly Keydel, Managing Partner and Advisor, Private Ocean

In this chat… I had a chance to learn from Kelly Keydel, Managing Partner and Advisor with Private Ocean (now called Wealthspire), about the role of sound financial planning and guidance for the business owner. We all have different relationships with money and Kelly did a nice job explaining the difference between emotion and fact. Most important, she impressed upon me the importance of planning and having a good guide to navigate business ownership and personal wealth management. Enjoy!
Check out the blog post here.

Episode 14:
Sourcing Talent on a Variable Cost Basis with Ashley Connell, CEO and Co-Founder, The Prowess Project

In this chat… I had a chance to spend time with Ashley Connell, CEO and Co-Founder of The Prowess Project. The Prowess Project supports women returning to the workforce and placing them into organizations based on both a skills and behavioral compatibility match. I wanted to talk with Ashley not only about gender diversity in the workplace but also how she is helping business owners source variable cost talent in order to reduce their fixed overhead. Ashley is super passionate and articulate about the impact she wants to make for thousands of talented women and the organizations they serve. Enjoy!
Check out the blog post here.

Episode 15:
Understand Unit Economics and Control Your Business with Simon Nicholls, Managing Partner, Weir-TS

In this chat… I had a chance to spend time with Simon Nicholls, Managing Partner at Weir-TS, a fractional CFO Firm. Simon works with a number of companies to provide strategic financial leadership, many of which are clients of Stride. I brought Simon on to talk about the importance of unit economics and why it is a gamechanger for business owners. Simon is great at talking about how to turn your financial statement knowledge into leadership and action, don’t miss it!
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Episode 16:
The Strategic Value of a 401K with Pete Ravani, Advisor, CBIZ

In this chat… Pete Ravani, 401K advisor and Vice President of CBIZ, spends time with us chatting about the strategic value of a 401K for business owners. We discuss the rules of managing a 401K and the benefits to recruitment, retention, and long term wealth creation. The retirement plan industry is pretty opaque and Pete does a nice job helping business owners understand both the opportunities and risks.
Check out the blog post here.

Episode 17:
The Value of Insurance for Business Owners with David Fain, Insurance Specialist, MCM Insurance

In this chat… David Fain, an insurance specialist with MCM Insurance, spends time with us talking in plain English about life, disability, and long-term care insurance for business owners. David knows firsthand the importance of insurance and embeds that purpose into his entire professional being. Spending time with David isn’t talking about the what of insurance, but the why. You will enjoy our conversation and come away with some actions you can take today!
Check out the blog post here.

Episode 18:
Sometimes You Just Have to Work It Out! with Alan Chaffee, Founder and CEO, Turning Point

In this chat… Alan Chaffee, Founder and CEO of Turning Point, talks with us about how he helps companies work through issues in restructuring their borrowing with banks. When borrowers break their covenants, banks get nervous. Alan helps both parties put a plan in place to move forward. His team is not only made up of restructuring experts, but they also provide fractional CFO level support for their clients. Knowing that a firm like Turning Point is available to support small to mid-sized businesses should be of great comfort to business owners. And today, you’ll learn how they serve their community.
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Episode 19:
Tackle your #2 Largest Expense - Healthcare with Dave Chase, Co-founder, Health Rosetta

In this chat… Dave Chase, the co-founder of Health Rosetta, shares with us the proven way that smart leaders are tackling healthcare in their organizations and how you can, too. Dave is a smuggler of ideas that are working, just not broadly adopted. The healthcare machine has a built-in resistance to the needs and wants of employers and employees. Dave is giving control back to those that are spending the money on care and in this podcast, you will learn how you can reduce your healthcare spend by 20% to 30% now!
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Episode 20:
Reinventing Your Business with Avital Ungar, Owner, Avital Tours

In this chat… Avital Tours completely reinvented themselves during COVID and are hitting levels of growth they have never achieved in their 10-year history. In this chat with Avital Ungar, we talk about their massive pivot and how they are supporting groups and teams with virtual culinary and mixology experiences around the United States. You will learn about the power of leading with “why” and how they are strengthening bonds for companies working to keep everyone connected in a remote workforce environment.
Check out the blog post here.

Episode 21:
Supporting Nonprofits with CFO Leadership with James VanReusel, Owner, VanReusel Ventures

In this chat… James VanReusel is not your traditional fractional CFO. He came from the world of Wall Street and takes a very strategic view of the role of finance in fueling organizational growth. Interestingly enough, James has a specialty in working with non-profits, specifically those that are operating abroad to make an international impact. There are a lot of moving parts to manage remote personnel and offices around the world battling environmental and human tragedy. In this episode, we learn more about James, his work at VanReusel Ventures, and how he is supporting organizations navigating this difficult time.
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Episode 22:
Transforming How Businesses Manage Expenses with Alex Bean, Co-founder and CBO, Divvy

In this chat… What a gift. We had the opportunity to interview Alex Bean, the co-founder of fintech juggernaut Divvy, for this worth-the-wait podcast episode. By all accounts, Divvy is disrupting traditional banks and software solutions, specifically in how they serve businesses. Today, Alex Bean is the Chief Business Officer and he did a fantastic job sharing what drives his team and how they are only getting started.
Check out the blog post here.

Episode 23:
Productivity - Creating Time and Space for What Matters with Alexis Haselberger, Founder, Alexis Haselberger Consulting

In this chat… Alexis Halsberger is an all-star productivity consultant at her namesake, Alexis Haselberger Consulting. She guides executives and teams for companies of all sizes with genius hacks and behaviors that will free up time for you to do what matters most. We all know we have room to improve our productivity and Alexis takes us there in a way that is actionable and impactful. Check out the episode now!
Check out the blog post here.

Episode 24:
e-Commerce Website Design and Development – It’s About The Story with Garrett Goldman, Managing Partner, State Creative

In this chat… Garrett Goldman talks with us about the importance of web design for small E-commerce companies that want to convert visitors to paying customers. The data tells the story and State Creative has shown a measurable impact on converting customers for websites it designs. How? Because they know that e-commerce is as much about how the story is told as it is the product that is sold. Listen to this episode to learn more!
Check out the blog post here.

Episode 25:
Employment Law – The Workplace is Forever Changed with Krista Mitzel, Founder and Managing Partner, The Mitzel Group

In this chat… Krista Mitzel is a dynamo, a great employment law attorney, and a master networker. We cover it all in this session and it’s time to face the facts, the future of work is changing on top of having many generations in the workplace. How we lead, communicate, and support our workforce is a new game, one that is changing every year. If you’re not proactive, you are vulnerable to risks (culture, regulatory, employee). The Mitzel Group is a great guide to help employers navigate these opaque waters. Listen now!
Check out the blog post here.

Episode 26:
Setting Entrepreneurs & Investors Up For Success with Mike Preuss, Co-founder & CEO of Visible

In this chat… Mike Preuss is a driven, compassionate entrepreneur on a mission to help founders like himself manage investor relations through his company, Visible.  In this episode, Mike talks about the importance of nurturing a relationship-driven business with your investors and explains why it’s so important to keep your investor updated on a monthly basis. You’ll get to learn how automated data integrations can help you send monthly updates to your investors in just minutes. Don’t miss this one, listen now!
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 27:
The Power of the Patent with Brooke Quist, Partner at Seed IP Law Group

In this chat…There is no one more equipped to talk the power of patents than Brooke Quist, Partner at Seed IP. We go on a journey with Brooke in this podcast to understand how patents can be valuable for protecting and unlocking business value. We also discuss how many companies may have intellectual property to patent but don’t realize it. Join us to learn about the role of securing intellectual property in the design of your businesses. Listen now!
Check out the blog post here.



Episode 28:
Wealth Management Gets Personal and Professional with Chris Welton, Northwestern Mutual

In this chat…Chris Welton, Wealth Management Advisor at Northwestern Mutual, is no ordinary Wealth Manager. Chris is a seasoned Wall Street banker who transitioned into wealth management in order to help entrepreneurs tackle tough questions. In this episode, we discuss the importance of legacy planning (estate agreements) and partnership agreements. We also talk about tax-advantaged strategies in our current environment. Step one for Chris, is listening and learning the needs of his clients. Your opportunity is to listen to Chris.
Check out the blog post here.




Episode 29:
A Strategic Approach to Making Taxes Your Ally in 2021 with Scott Hoppe, Founder & CEO, Why Blu

In this chat…We dive into taxes with Scott Hoppe, founder of tax accounting firm, Why Blu. This isn’t one of those boring tax discussions, Nope. It’s actionable. Scott gives us some great tips to be more proactive in managing our tax status. Scott also shares some key insights into structuring your entity and where you can find worthwhile deductions in your business and personal life. Listen now and explore the world of tax management and financial security!
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Episode 30:
Creating Team Culture Experiences in a Virtual World with Paige Buck, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer, Kennedy Events

In this chat…we get the chance to talk to one of my favorite optimists, Paige Buck, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of Kennedy Events, an event planning company in San Francisco. Not only has Kennedy Events had to make a major business shift to stay alive, but they have inspired many companies to create moments of joy for their employees.  Paige shares with us the dual challenge of managing their own existential unknown while developing a new virtual engagement capability.  Amazing innovation is happening during  COVID, and Paige takes us there at Kennedy Events.  You won’t want to miss this episode!
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 31:
Unique Financing For Your B2B SaaS Company with Przemek Gotfryd, Co-founder & COO, Capchase

In this chat…we sat down to talk to start-up entrepreneur, Przemek Gotfryd, Co-founder & COO of Capchase. Capchase is changing the way that B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) companies are financing their growth.  Not all companies need to bootstrap or get venture funded.  Capchase is solving a financing problem for promising tech companies that don’t need or want to go the venture route.  You won’t want to miss this episode!
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 32:
Showing Up: How to Make the Best Impression on Zoom with Gia Goodrich, Youtuber, Director, & Photographer and Aaron Schmookler, Co-founder & Leadership Coach, The Yes Works

In this chat…We had two great guests for an engaging discussion about how we show up on Zoom. Thank you to Aaron Schmookler, co-founder and leadership coach at The Yes Works, and Gia Goodrich, a Youtuber, Director, and Photographer for their participation. As we head into month ten of this global pandemic, we discuss the new norm of working from home and how to be successful in communicating in our remote world. Aaron and Gia provide practical tips and tricks to become self-aware and confident in your daily Zoom life. Listen now!
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 33:
Wealth Management: The Metrics of Growing your Business Financially with Chris Rhyme, Partner, The Business Transition Group

In this chat…we had the pleasure of talking to Chris Rhyme, Partner at the Business Transition Group in Denver, CO. In this episode, we learn from Chris how to set up deferred compensation plans for high-value employees tied to performance metrics. As business owners, we all want to pay for performance and Chris explains exactly how to do that. Enjoy the episode.
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 34:
Showing Up: The Art of Growing Your Business with Isaac Rudansky, CEO, AdVenture Media Group

In this chat…We were graced with the one and only, Isaac Rudansky. He is not only a great entrepreneur, but an artist, philosopher, teacher, and student. We not only learn how Adventure Media Group supports its clients in paid search advertising but also how Isaac has taken his expertise to guide students to build their own businesses in the industry. You don’t want to miss this one.
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 35:
Exit Stage Left: Guiding Business Owners to Maximize the Sale of their Business with Tod Fiscus, Principal & Board Director, Transition360

In this chat…In this episode of Stride 2 Freedom, I had the pleasure of speaking with Tod Fiscus, a Principal at Transition360, a sell-side broker for businesses. Tod doesn’t just help sellers exit their businesses, he helps them prepare for the sale. Sometimes it takes 3+ years, but Tod will be your guide the whole way. His pearls of wisdom are terrific and if you ever think you might want to sell your business, you should tune into this episode.
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 36:
Unlocking Your Money Story with Emily Scott, Financial Guide, Navigator, Thought Partner, Emily Scott AND

In this chat…In this episode of Stride 2 Freedom, I had the pleasure of learning from Emily Scott about the role that our money story has to play in how we make decisions. Emily works with many business owners and executives to shine a light on how our views about money shape how we lead.  Emily brings all heart to this conversation and even turned the tables on me at the end a little bit. You will enjoy this conversation. Tune in!
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 37:
Creating Harmony At Home with Melissa Benaroya, Parenting Expert, Coach, Speaker, Author, Consultant

In this chat…On this episode of Stride 2 Freedom, we have the pleasure of spending time with Melissa Benaroya, parenting coach, and consultant.  Yes, she is my wife, but more importantly, she shares some secrets to creating harmony at home so that business owners can get and stay in their genius zones.  You’ll enjoy this fresh perspective on where parenting and entrepreneurship intersect.
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 38:
Finding Your Limitless Potential with John Kormanik, Executive Attorney Coach, Kormanik Coaching Services

In this chat…On the show today, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing John Kormanik, an attorney and coach to help other attorneys grow their business. What I appreciated about John was (i) his focus on supporting lawyers to build their business and not just their practice; and (ii) his decision to make a mid-career shift into law from healthcare. We cover both topics and I know you’ll enjoy the learning. Check it out.
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 39:
A Safe Space to Talk About Race with Akeisha Johnson, Leadership Coach at An Inspired Story

In this chat…In this episode of the podcast, I had the pleasure of learning from Akeisha Johnson, the founder of An Inspired Story.  Akeisha is a business coach and has also established a niche in a program she started called Safe Space to Talk About Race.  She shares with us some powerful insights around our stories about race and creating the future that we want. Check out the blog post here.
In this episode you will learn:

  1. How racism is just a made-up construct that we can break
  2. What are microaggressions and how to become more aware of them
  3. The power that self-awareness plays in helping us lead in a changing world


Episode 40:
The Power of Visual Thinking with Eric Oakland and Marita Herkert-Oakland, founders of Relumed

In this chat…On the show today, I had the opportunity to learn from Eric and Marita about the power of visual thinking, a tool and discipline that helps business leaders and their teams turn thoughts in visuals that can be understood and acted upon. Words are ambiguous. Images promote discussion for clarity. And when it comes to a team executing (especially in a remote work environment), clarity matters. We cover a lot of areas of visual thinking today and you won’t want to miss this episode to learn how you can bring this capability into your organization.
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 41:
Growing Your Business Through Public Speaking With Arel Moodie, True Speaking Success Founder And Keynote Whisperer

In this chat…On the show today, I was lucky to interview Arel Moodie, a gifted speaking coach with incredible energy and commitment to the speaking craft. We covered a lot of territory on the power of effective speaking for business owners to grow their revenue. You don’t want to miss this episode (one of my favorites). If you didn’t think you had a good story or something to say or that people wouldn’t listen, then it’s time to change your tune. You will learn why speaking can be such a powerful tool and how to approach it in way that will inspire you and the people around you. Listen now!
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 42:
Winning Virtually — Successful Selling in a Virtual World with Nitya Kirat, Founder, YOSD Consulting and Author, Winning Virtually

In this chat…On the show today, Nitya Kirat and I had a great conversation about sales in a virtual world. What I loved was that for Nitya, it all comes down to human beings interacting with human beings. Virtual creates some complications and opportunities with connection and Nitya helped us wade through it. You’ll hear a lot of tips and tricks on this podcast. Enjoy learning from Nitya, the Sales Whisperer (my term, not his 😉)
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 43:
Work Is A Team Sport - The Evolving World Of People Ops And Management With Mikaela Kiner, Reverb Founder And Author

In this chat…On the show today, Mikaela Kiner and I talk about “on demand” people operations to support high growth companies that need HR when they need HR. From compliance to strategic consultation, Reverb helps business owners navigate the waters to create a workplace that can thrive for all. Mikaela also talks to us about her book, Female Firebrands, and why it is so important to create environments where women in the workplace can thrive.
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 44:
Things to Consider When Selling Your MSP with Randy Katz, Synesis Advisors and Business Broker

In this chat…On the show today, Randy Katz joined us from Synesis Advisors, an advisory firm that helps small business owners sell their businesses. Today, we specifically talked about selling your MSP and how to think about the factors that can maximize value upon a sale. Randy is a straight shooter and shares a ton of actionable information. You will learn how to be a deal maker and not a deal taker. You will also learn how to get clear on what you are selling and how to set up for success.
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 45:
The Emotional Side of Selling Your Small Business with Jamison West, co-founder of ConnectStrat

In this chat…On the show today, Jamison West, joined us to talk about his new book, The Emotional Side of Selling a Small Business. He shared his current work as the co-founder of ConnectStrat, a coaching company to help IT services entrepreneurs plan for and achieve their dreams. If you want to learn about an entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur, check out this episode where we cover everything from facing your fear to taking control of the life that you want to create.
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 46:
Get It Right the First Time with Bill Black, CEO of FocusPlanit

In this chat…On the show today, Bill Black joined us to talk about the work they do to support IT service firms in getting things set up right the first time.  So often business leaders jump to launch cool systems and software but don’t think through the use cases and the setup and often dump the functionality because it “doesn’t work as advertised”.  Bill and his team help Managed Service Providers work through those issues with an attitude of “give first”.
Check out the blog post here.

Website: FocusPlanit
LinkedIn: FocusPlanit


Episode 47:
Why Standardization Helps Agencies Succeed — with Marcel Petitpas, CEO, Parakeeto

In this chat…On the show today, I had the opportunity to interview Marcel Petitpas, the CEO of Parakeeto, an advisory and analytics firm helping marketing agencies drive growth and profitability. What Marcel teaches us is that data and formulas are not that hard. It’s our processes that gum up the works. He helps us think through the power of creating standardization in an industry that prides itself on being “unique”. Well, in order to deliver unique client solutions, it helps to create good back office and analytics standards. This is where we’ll go with Marcel and you’ll think of your business very differently after listening.
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 48:
Automation, Efficiency and Quality — with Brian and Heather Johnson, Gozynta Mobius

In this chat…We had a trio on the show today. Joining me were Brian Johnson and Heather Johnson, the leaders of a tech company called Gozynta Mobius. The Company provides an essential automation for the outsourced IT services industry and they have grown to serve over 1,300 customers. We talked about the value of business leaders assessing the opportunity for automation and how to find it in the least likely places. You don’t want to miss this episode where we talk tech and a little bit of motorcycle touring as well.
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 49:
Growing the Entrepreneurial Landscape for Women over 40 — with Melissa Lamson, CEO, RECREATE

In this chat…I had the distinct pleasure of spending time with Melissa Lamson, who just graduated her first Action Tank cohort at RECREATE, a 6-month accelerator program that supports women over 40 building businesses. Interestingly enough, women over 45 are the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurship in the United States according to Forbes. Melissa has built a program to provide education, community, and acceleration for great business ideas by women who didn’t think they had enough time, relationships or capital to make something happen. They do now!
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 50:
Follow the Process with Adi Klevit, Founder and CEO, Business Success Consulting Group

In this chat…I had the opportunity to spend time with my new friend, Adi Klevit, founder and CEO of Business Success Consulting Group. Adi is a systems and process guru, whose company works with firms to improve operations so that business leaders can focus on growth. I can’t stress enough how important it is for a business owner to have a “machine” mindset, even when running a professional services firm. Without it, the owner will be stuck “in the business” for way too long. Let Adi help you figure out how you’re going to work “on your business” in this episode.
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 51:
Age and Stage — Matching Strategy for Your Business Success with Allen Edwards, CEO and Founder, Eureka Process

In this chat…I had the pleasure of talking to Allen Edwards, the Founder and CEO of Eureka ProcessEureka Process is a strategy consulting firm for the outsourced IT services industry and they help business leaders get clear on their “why” so they have more focus on tackling their “what”. Allen’s ride to Eureka was an adventure to say the least. What he brings to his clients is a courage and conviction that anything is possible. Listen to Allen share his journey and how he supports business leaders to get in their genius zone on this episode.
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 52:
Staying on the Pulse —- How Dave Sobel has committed to keeping MSP owners in the loop on industry changes and dynamics.

In this chat…the famous Dave Sobel and got a chance to sit down and talk about MSPRadio and his Business of Tech podcast. What I love about Dave beyond being super cool, is that he approach his show with purpose and passion. He does his research. He asks hard questions. He knows the business. And, he is here for the MSP’s, not for the advertisers. His method is highly curated, short form content that is meaningful and actionable. Ask his listeners and they will tell you that Dave is a prominent industry voice. And we got the opportunity to hear that voice on the podcast today. Enjoy!!
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 53:
Scaling Your Social Engagement — How Kate and her team at Lately are helping businesses unlock the right messages that will soar.

In this chat…Kate and I jump from ice cream to rock & roll to AI. She is awesome and super fun to talk to about life and business. As the founder of, Kate is helping businesses more intelligently and automatically, engage their audiences with content that will garner a response. We talk about why this work matters, how it helps business owners, and the opportunity to scale content that you’re already producing through blogs, videos, etc.. She is not just providing value to help business owners thrive, but she is also an entrepreneur and knows the journey. Check out the episode, and…..listen to the “ode to crop top”.
Check out the blog post here.


Episode 54:
Find a Better Who Than You — Learn how Doug Hall helps coach management teams to build a better business operating system

In this chat…Doug Hall is the founder of Resources for CEO’s and coaches business leaders how to build a business machine based on the principles of popular business operating system architects like Patrick Lencioni, Verne Harnish and Jim Collins. He support teams and their leaders in putting in place systems and processes that create equity value for small to mid-sized businesses. He is also a consultant for Connectrat, an IT Managed Service Provider focused coaching company specific to supporting tech leaders in growth and scale. You don’t want to miss the pearls of Doug Hall on this podcast.
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Episode 55:
Guiding Business Leaders to Build Great Teams, with Cliff McDonald

In this chat…Cliff McDonald, the founder of Brainheart Growth throws down some tracks on how to guide business leaders to build great sales teams. Here’s a hint…..stay curious. Here’s another hint…..Don’t sell. Solve a problem. We had a ton of fun talking Irish bars, entrepreneurship, and the art (and behavioral science) of sales. You don’t want to miss this episode. It is actionable for leaders that haven’t cracked the code yet on how to build a sales machine.
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Episode 56:
Sourcing Employee Talent in Eastern Europe with Noel Andrews, CEO & Owner of Jobrack

In this chat…Noel Andrews, the CEO of Jobrack gives us a lens into the power of sourcing talent in Eastern Europe. We learn about Jobrack’s very simple business model that can deliver incredible results for companies that are looking for strong talent, exceptional English speaking skills and a desire to be part of a team. And here is the benefit for business owners… will pay about 40% of the cost of hiring in the U.S. Don’t think about this as a “gig” worker. You’re going to find a great employee! Don’t miss this episode. If you’re in the market, reach out to Noel at Jobrack today!!

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Episode 57:
Turning Your Data into Your Secret Weapon for Growth and Profitability with Larry Cobrin, Founder and CEO of MSPCFO

In this chat…Larry Cobrin is the founder and CEO of MSPCFO, a software application that helps MSP owners unlock key answers to business questions that drives growth and profitability. MSPCFO helps owners get underneath the often opaque world of financial reports to make information actionable. If you want to understand why the most successful MSP’s rely on MSPCFO.

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Episode 58:
Leadership Lessons through Chess with Elliott Neff, Founder and CEO, Chess4Life

In this chat…Elliott Neff is a National Chess master. He is also the CEO for Chess4Life, a company that teaches kids life lessons through chess. But I assure you, these lessons are not just for kids. Business leaders will want to take notes from this call. Elliott throws down some great lessons learned around decision making, strategy, goals, and learning from losses.
Do not miss this episode.
You want to be in your genius zone? Learn how Elliott is in his and guides others to do the same. Check out the podcast here.

Episode 59:
Building a “Why” Company with Colin Knox, Gradient MSP CEO

In this chat…Colin Knox is the co-founder and CEO of Gradient MSP, a software that connects channel vendor data to MSP’s to improve profitability. What is so engaging about Colin is that Gradient started as a “why” company. He and his team have navigated with purpose in their product innovation and company culture design.
Listen to learn how Colin is making it happen at Gradient.
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Episode 60:
SPECIAL EDITION: How to Make the Most out of Attending Conferences

In this chat…I had the pleasure of interviewing 6 guests to talk about an upcoming industry conference that we were all attending called ConnectWise IT Nation.  We talked about how to make the most out of conference attendance, everything from icebreaker questions to session attendance.  We had a good time and just appreciated that conferences are meant to grow and learn and accelerate.  So often we miss the moment of taking advantage of them.  Listen to get some key tips on what you can do to maximize.
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Episode 61:
The Value of Training in Growing an IT Service Business with Nick Points, Director for Sales at CharTec

In this chat…Nick Points is the Director of Sales for Char Tec, a learning and training company to support IT professionals in commanding the business of business. Through demonstrated best practices at their own operating company (AARC), Char Tec has grown into one of the most comprehensive educators for business leaders in the IT industry globally. Nick and I have some great conversations about business owner blind spots, the value of training, and what happens when people find themselves in Bakersfield, CA.
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Episode 62:
Digital Agency Mastermind with Jason Swenk

In this chat…I have the pleasure of spending time with Jason Swenk, a digital agency entrepreneur and convener of leaders through is digital agency elite mastermind programs. In this conversation we talk about the stages of development for a digital agency owner, how to prioritize where you can get energy and what to delegate away, and how to realize maximum value on an exit. You don’t want to miss this!
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Episode 63:
Building an Outbound Demand Generation Machine with Russell Taylor

In this chat…Russell Taylor is the founder and CEO of HelloOutbound, an outbound marketing company that helps business leaders build effective email and Linked campaigns that drive meetings and conversions. We talk about the importance of an outbound marketing strategy and the value of “giving first”. Russell is a generous entrepreneur and a great partner for leaders that want the tools and techniques to create a referral machine that can scale. Don’t miss this episode!

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Episode 64:
Another Bite at the Apple with Todd Taskey

In this chat…Todd Taskey is the founder and CEO of Potomac Business Capital, an M&A Advisory firm for digital marketing agencies. What’s so illuminating in this podcast is how Todd guides us on a conversation to help business owners NOT think about selling their business as an exit many of his sellers to software that connects channel vendor data to MSP’s to improve profitability.

Listen to learn how Todd is making it happen at Potomac.

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Episode 65:
Focus on the Facts! with George Bardissi

In this chat…George Bardissi is the founder and CEO of bvoip and the MSP Initiative. What I love about George is that he says it like it is, which is the point of episode. George talks about the power of calling it like he sees it, focusing on the facts, and then letting the circumstance unfold. Too often we find ourselves navigating daintily around tough conversations. Not George.
He takes it head on. And that has driven a lot of opportunities he has created as an entrepreneur. When he sees possibility, he goes after it.

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Episode 66:
Wealth Management for Entrepreneurs with Caleb Guilliams

In this chat…we talk to Caleb Guilliams, the CEO of BetterWealth. This episode is all about how to support business owners in money management and responsible wealth creation. Interestingly, the podcast takes a turn where we learn a whole lot about how overfunding life insurance can be a compelling investment vehicle. Who would have thought. We also talk to Caleb about the journey of entrepreneurship and how he has built his business. Enjoy!

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Episode 67:
Mind the Gap — Cybersecurity as a Strategic Imperative for Your Business with Greg Tomchick

In this chat…Greg Tomchick is the co-founder and CEO of Valor, a cybersecurity services firm that provides threat assessment and incident response services. Aside from Greg’s impressive baseball career, we talk about the threat of cyber attacks on small businesses and how to mitigate those. No longer can we assume that “This won’t happen to me”. It’s more a matter of “when” vs. “if”. Check out the episode and get on top of your cyber threats.

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Episode 68:
Preparing for M&A as a Digital Agency Owner with David Sheehan

In this chatDavid Sheehan is the managing partner at Athru, a consultancy and advisory firm supporting marketing agencies on their path to growth and exit. David is a longtime agency entrepreneur and has worked with 100 companies to help guide their leadership to scale and achieve their dreams. Listen to David talk about the key metrics that make an agency an attractive acquisition candidate.
You’ll enjoy the episode.

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Episode 69:
SEO Growth Marketing for MSPs with Glen Moore and Steve Treanor

In this episode… Glen Moore from Bear Fox Marketing, a premier SEO agency, and Steve Treanor, CEO of Help Desk Cavalry, talk shop about how MSPs can better use search engine optimization to drive referrals. It’s a useful discussion for any business thinking about the power of organized search. However, we also talk about pitfalls and risks to be aware of. Glen throws down the top 5 ways to evaluate whether SEO is right for your business. Don’t miss this one.

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Episode 70:
How to Build and Measure Confidence in Your Business, with Damien Stevens

In this chat…Damien Stevens, founder and CEO of Servosity, talks about building confidence and what that allows business leaders to do. Confidence is the gateway to genius zone work and there are a lot of ways to achieve that. We spend time talking about recruiting and culture as well as the importance of shared agreements. Servosity provides cloud backup and recovery to MSPs for their clients, so they know a lot about building confidence. Check it out!

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Episode 71:
Building Wealth vs. Income for your MSP with Scott Hamlin

In this chat…Scott Hamlin, consultant for Pax8, talks about the keys to building wealth in your business vs. just generating income. There is so much to be gained by getting control of your financials and understanding things like gross margin by the line of business. Listen to learn how Scott guides clients in helping them build enduring value.

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