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Podcast: Hear How Hardesty CFO’s are Guiding Their Clients During Covid-19



Today on Stride 2 Freedom, it’s a pleasure to have Bob Worthington as our guest. Bob is the Northern California Practice Leader for Hardesty, where they are most well-known for an incredible network of fractional and interim Chief Financial Officers.

Today, Hardesty provides C-level talent for companies of various sizes and industries. At Stride, we work closely with a number of professionals on his team and it seemed appropriate to get a beat on what CFO’s are recommending during this time of dealing with uncertainties presented by Covid-19.

The most profound comment Bob made to me was this idea of “Cutting to the Bone” vs. “Cutting Through the Bone”. It’s best to hear it directly from Bob in the interview, but the concept really resonated with me. There will be a recovery and what you don’t want to do, according to Bob, is obliterate your partners who are going to be important in getting you resurrected.


In this Freedom Speaker Series episode with Bob Worthington, you will learn:


  • A bit about Hardesty and what it does
  • How CFO’s are guiding their clients in this moment
  • Options for liquidity relief
  • Ways that Hardesty manages its remote workforce
  • The silver lining that comes from crisis

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We are fortunate to have Bob available to spend time with us on this edition of Stride 2 Freedom and leaning into the topics on the minds of all of us. If there is a speaker you’d like us to interview, click here and let us know. Stay well. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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