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Podcast: The Strategic Value of a 401K


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In this episode of Stride 2 Freedom, we had a chance to chat with Pete Ravani, an incredible networker, 401k advisor, and Vice President of CBIZ. Actually, I would add educator to that list as well. For the last 12 years, Pete has been a Vice President at CBIZ, responsible for managing business development in California for retirement plan services. CBIZ is a company that advises on over $70 billion of retirement plan assets across 4,000 plans, so needless to say, Pete is not new to the trade.

The reason he is an educator is that retirement plans are complicated to understand for most business owners. I mean we get that we “should” offer a 401K, but we don’t think of it strategically. How does a 401k plan design match the needs and interests of employees? Can I lower both my administrative fees and transaction fees while improving the design? How do I make sure that I’m not running afoul of regulations because I’m acting as a fiduciary for employee retirement assets? Let me say it one more time, Pete is an educator.

And that is exactly what he did during the latest episode of Stride 2 Freedom. Pete helped us wade through the differences between a plain vanilla 401K program that most business owners accept versus a plan custom-designed and based on the goals and interests of the organization. What I really appreciated is Pete and his team will offer a complimentary review of a company’s plan and make strategic recommendations designed to improve effectiveness.

When companies put the proper retirement plan structure in place for their employees, they are making a strong cultural commitment that they are invested in the long term future success of each and every individual. Pete and his team at CBIZ work hard to lay the tracks so that companies can stay focused on building value without worrying their retirement plan program is going off the rails. Enjoy!

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In this Freedom Speaker Series episode with Pete Ravani, you will learn:


  • What is a 401K and why it’s important for business owners to understand
  • The strategic value of a 401K in recruiting and retention
  • The opportunities to improve 401K plan design as a company grows quickly
  • Innovations occurring in 401K plan management
  • Risks that can be addressed proactively when a business owner understands their obligations

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Show Notes and Links From Episode:
Pete Ravani’s LinkedIn

We are fortunate to have Pete available to spend time with us on this edition of Stride 2 Freedom. If there is a speaker you’d like us to interview, click here and let us know. Stay well. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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