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Podcast: Talking HR and PEO’s with Scott Tithof of Sequoia Consulting Group



This week we launched the Stride 2 Freedom Speaker Series to bring quick hit value to our community around back-office infrastructure to help you focus on growth and product and service innovation. At Stride, we know back-office bookkeeping/accounting is a critical foundation for any business. But we also know there are many pieces to the back-office puzzle! We want to help support you in piecing those together with best in class partners.

To that end, we had our first recording yesterday with Scott Tithof from Sequoia Consulting Group. Sequoia is a HR consultancy that brings together benefits, HR, retirement, payroll and insurance services all in one place to protect your business. In our conversation yesterday, we focused on the PEO. Otherwise known as a Professional Employment Organization.

A PEO acts as a co-employer for your employees. They manage payroll, benefits, tax administration and regulatory compliance assistance as if your employees were their responsibility (well, they kind of are). What’s cool about a PEO is that they group all of their employers under a single umbrella to get highly competitive benefits packages.


In this Freedom Speaker Series session with Scott Tithoff, you will learn:


  • What companies are ripe for a PEO
  • How to think about the costs of a PEO
  • Alternative HR structures
  • Switching to a PEO
  • Where things can go wrong

Listen Now

We are so excited to kick off this series and look out for more events in the near future. You can also click here and let us know a speaker you think we should interview.

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