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Stride VOH: The Top 5 Most Important Metrics for Your Organization

Stride VOH The Top 5 Most Important Metrics for Your Organization

You can listen to the Virtual Office Hour down below along with a FREE download of the presentation slides.

Special thanks to Simon Nicholls for leading our Virtual Office Hour on the Top 5 Most Important Financial Metrics to Manage. Simon’s 30+ years of experience has allowed him to view successful patterns over the years, distilling into a framework for business owners.


The concept isn’t complicated. However, what is complicated is having rigor and discipline to ensure you’re focusing on what matters. Simon first started by outlining 5 keys areas in which we can generate value.

The Five Pillars of Value Creation:

  • Growth
  • Profitability
  • Cash Generation
  • Return on Capital
  • Governance

His assertion is this: the real value is created for shareholders, employees, customers, and vendors when these five pillars are being attended to. For example, as a company, Apple has managed these five pillars well over the years.


We discussed other companies (e.g. IBM, Tesla, Snapchat, Enron) that may manage a couple of these pillars well but lacked in implementing all five. Over time, this imbalance destroys your company’s value. It’s also worth noting that certain pillars matter more than others at different times of an organization lifecycle.

Now, the metric within each pillar is going to be specific to your business and what you’re managing. For example, a specific type of business might manage Return On Assets, Profit Per Employee, and/or Cash Flow From Operations. This is where bringing in a financial strategist can be incredibly helpful.



We spoke about the importance of ensuring your financial data is accurately captured, so smart financial decisions can be made. At Stride, our expertise is in timely and accurate financial reporting so that CEO’s and people like Simon can rely on their data to take action.

We ended the call showcasing some of Stride’s broad level dashboard reporting we’re using to help business owners better manage the metrics that matter. If you want to learn more, please email either of us directly at russell.benaroy[at]strideservices.wpengine.com or Simon Nicholls at snicholls[at]weir.ts.

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