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Stride VOH: How to Launch A Killer Offsite

We had a great VOH session, discussing how business leaders can drive their team toward setting clear, measurable objectives in service to a goal.  Thank you to all of those that attended!

We had a chance to discuss off sites as a misnomer and that the real intention is to ADVANCE the organization. So, we’ve renamed it an ADVANCE.

In this Advance, we covered 5 Primary Topics:

  1. Advance = Freedom: How to reframe an Advance as being an essential element in helping CEO’s and Founders achieve freedom to pursue their goals.
  2. Know Your Audience: Acknowledging that different types of Advances are required for different purposes depending on the audience.  We discussed Critical Success Factor vs. Principles orientations.
  3. Details: Minding the details of setting the right stage because how you manage the room matters.
  4. WOG: Ensuring you are soliciting “Wisdom of the Group” so all voices are heard and no one feels left out.
  5. Follow-up: Putting in place the pieces for follow-up because everything is in the follow-up.


We covered many specifics, much of what I have written about historically.  Unfortunately, we had a little power outage so I lost the recording. However, I’ve included the slides as a free download below:


Launch A Killer Off Site + Take Control Of Your Growth


I find when leaders participate in Advance, as opposed to just leading, they tend to be more effective. This is because we’re ensuring all voices are heard, eliminating the perception that the CEO is only concerned with driving their agenda with no concern for their team.


Why is that important?

The benefit of having a back office that’s fully trusted and operational is key in providing more time for leadership to focus on strategy and growth. We help leaders set up their back office, putting the focus back into their organization’s team. By doing so, leaders can accelerate growth by placing the right critical success factors and accountability frameworks in place to move forward faster. It’s all about efficient, sustainable growth!

It is that simple! At Stride, we can lead half-day and full-day Advances for our clients. If you want to contact us regarding running an Advance for your organization, please contact us.

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