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The Top 5 Most Important Financial Metrics You Should Be Measuring in Your Business

Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2019
Time: 8:30am PST/ 10:30am CST
Duration: 60 Minutes

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This VOH is for professional service industry businesses or those who sell software solutions with a recurring revenue (or aspiring recurring revenue) component.


In this virtual office hours segment, Simon Nicholls from Weir-TS will discuss how to identify the most important metrics in your business, the value drivers that should always be front and center in your dashboard. Learn how to recognize your businesses unique drivers and get to the root of them so you’re no longer looking in the rearview mirror.


  1. The range of value drivers you should be paying attention to
  2. How to identify the value drivers for your business
  3. How to set up your financials in a way that tracks key value drivers
  4. How to start leveraging these drivers to move forward and grow



  1.  Better understand what truly drives value in your business. Your value drivers are your key business levers whether you are a service business, have inventory, measure revenue on a subscription basis, or do project-based work.
  2.  Better Utilize Your Team:  Knowing the key value drivers in your business forces a discipline around tracking key metrics and resource allocation so you can measure and monitor the key things that will be the determinants of your success.
  3.  Add More Value for all Stakeholders in the Future: Once you understand the three or four things that will determine your success in generating revenue growth, profits, cash and capital investment returns you can start to hone in on the underlying drivers and allocate effort and resource to the areas of your business that really matter.
  4.  Investors Want to Know that you understand your Levers:  Investors are very keen to gain confidence that you understand the balance of metrics that drive the economics of a business model and will expect you to be able to articulate it