Stride Vista – Financial Performance Management and Analytics for Agencies

Turn your data into action.  Improve cash flow and profitability.  Achieve your highest and best use.


What Can Stride Vista Do For You?

Stride Vista is purpose built for small marketing agency owners that don’t have access to big teams, CFO’s and complicated systems.

We know that agency owners have a genius zone and it’s not typically financial analysis.  But successful businesses demand data driven insights.


We provide analytics and forecasting capabilities leveraging your existing systems (phew!) designed to give owners more confidence in their financial health while improving cash flow and profitability insight and action.  If you want to build a sustainable business that you can work on (vs. in), Stride Vista will get you there.

Our Strategic Advisory Financial Planning and Analysis Services

Client Level Analytics

Client level profitability metrics to ground your stories with facts

Stride Vista provides experienced financial consultants that get into the underside of your business to understand your unit economics and how your client engagements, revenue, and labor costs interact to optimize profitability.
Client level insight relies on a commitment to best practices around accounting and time tracking. We will work with you to make sure we are getting client data and labor data for accurate profit and resource analysis.
Client level insight is the holy grail for service organizations. We build out your analytics platform integrated with your existing financial and time tracking system to deliver visualizations to uncover your greatest opportunities for future profit and growth.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Experience the peace of mind that comes with understanding and influencing your lifeline

Financial operations experts will build out your cash flow projection model so you can see when and where cash is moving. Stride Vista is designed to provide guidance that will help you ask (and answer) the questions that matter.
Through a disciplined method of information intake, our cash flow projection process will capture the information from you that we need to most accurately assess expected inflows and outflows.
Stride Vista uses a cash flow projection platform that ties directly into your financial ledger so that don't just project, but we can see (in detail) where cash is coming in from and where it is going.

Personalized Accounts Receivable Management

Improve cash flow through more rapid, disciplined collections management

Our team is grounded in core principles of behavioral science and key language that influences action. You can also be confident that someone is on top of managing your collections so nothing slips through the cracks.
There is no one size fits all. We will work with you to analyze your customers and determine the right cadence and the right type of communication for maximum impact. All metrics are tracked and we can course correct based on data.
We use a cloud based collections application that is easily accessible by all interested parties. Clients can pay through the portal and the data ties in real-time with your financial ledger.

Executive and Management Dashboards

Glanceable views into the information that matters

We Know You. We work with over 60 professional services firms and 20 agencies. We know the metrics that CEO's care about and share those best practices to give you confidence in the data that matters.
More than a once and done. We implement the analysis for you but more importantly, we are constantly identifying areas of improvement both in your business and reporting so you can have more confidence in your financial health.
Drilldown! It's not enough to see pretty charts and graphs. To truly answer the question of "why", you need to drill down into the facts. We take you there with Stride Vista Analytics.

Financial Operations Consulting for Agency CEO's

An experienced partner committed to achieving your highest and best use

Proactive Advisors: Stride Vista has a team of financial operations consultants that know how to ask the right questions to understand how your goals, systems and process interact. But even better, they turn that information into a plan designed to set you up with the visibility that you need to have more confidence in your financial health.
Evaluation of current processes and recommendations how to translate data into cash flow and profit decisions. You will have a new superpower into data driven decision making.
Our suite of capabilities range from analytics to cash flow projections and AR collections. We don't just advise and consult. We implement, train, and empower.

Advisory and Analytics to Have the Business Command Center You Have Always Wanted

Strive Vista is Designed to:

Give you cofindence around your financial health
Improve your profitability and cash flow
Optimize your project or client level profitability
Have you spend more time in your genius zone

Learn How Stride Vista Can Help You Spend More Time in your Genius Zone.